What others have to say about Lynn...

murrah“When it comes to seeking advice about songwriting, or life, we want someone who hasn’t just studied it, but who has years of experience, making good choices herself and learning how to best correct a poor choice now and then. That’s what you’ll get with Lynn Barrington. Not only that, but she genuinely cares about those with whom she works. Lynn also maintains a vital network of friends and associates, who she can call on from time to time to help her give her clients the best professional advice.”
Roger Murrah, Founder, Murrah Music Corporation, BMI Songwriter of the Decade, #1 Songs in Pop and Country
tom_jackson-199x300“I have worked with Lynn Barrington on numerous occasions. I like her because she is straight to the point. She can help you go from amateur to professional. She knows her stuff when it comes to the music business and songwriting.”
Tom Jackson, Live Music Producer & Author
Screen Shot 2014-04-22 at 4.58.46 PM“I have worked with Lynn Barrington many times. I have found her to be excellent at her job! She understands the songwriting world, and one of the best songpluggers I have met. Both Gloria and I consider her a friend.”
Bill Gaither, TV Producer, Songwriter, & Best Selling Author
Untitled1“Lynn Barrington is one of the best songwriting coaches I know. She was instrumental in changing my writing habits. On top of that, I like her! She’s a winner.”
Mark Lowry, Songwriter, Comedian and Author
siler“I have known Lynn Barrington for over 20 years. She was my first songwriting coach in Los Angeles. I understand how to craft a song because of her. I highly recommend her.”
Steve Siler, Director of Music for the Soul, Dove Award Songwriter
mark“I consider Lynn Barrington to be part of my personal board of directors. Her to the point attitude, intentionality and integrity offer a unique perspective in her coaching. My ABC skills “Always Be Coach-able” continue to be called up to higher thresholds under her direction.”
Mark Espinosa, President & CIO Solv-All.com
“We continue to pursue the challenges of life. We have both learned from your wisdom. Thank you for your excellent personal, writing and business coaching.”
Charlene & Dave Nassaney, D&N Investment Properties, Authors
“I will always consider you my coach, whether you are on retainer or not! You are the best coach I have ever used.”
Ken Benbow, President of Green Energy Transportation