thChris Brown has a new single that just dropped. I HIGHLY recommend you do NOT download it, or even listen to it. It’s just trash. It’s stinky. Check out the lyrics on a site like (which does not give him or his label any money). You can look up “Loyal” lyrics by Chris Brown. If you just read what he has written, simply, it’s unbelievable to me. Clearly, this man is not finished with anger management. He is so angry at all women. Obviously, he is using his bully pulpit to propagate his lack of character, hate and judgement of women. If Justin Timberlake wrote this, he would be banned from music, called a racist, chauvinist, and white extremist!! This kind of rap has no place is excellent songwriting or music. Chris Brown is a sad, sad excuse for a human. I pray that he turns his life around to admiring and appreciating women. He could so use his platform to do good and build up all humanity. Right now, it’s just pitiful in the end.