thThis picture here reminds me of the home I grew up in Odessa, Texas. It was a nice simple middle class brick home built to withstand the West Texas winds.

I am so thrilled that this song has won the Billboard top single of 2013. It reminds of that home. I am not surprised this won, as the publisher has done an awesome job of not only promoting it as a single, but using it on a tremendous amount of commercials. For the first half of the year it was practically HGTV’s theme song! It just goes to show you as a songwriter that if you write good solid lyrics and music that marries to the lyrics, that pull the entire audience into your song, it’s applicable through all kinds of sources.

This song was written essentially in what I call Form B. (You can check that out on my videos series “Big Bold Songwriting” soon to be on this website.) There’s a bit of change in the formula, but these songwriters know how to write and can change a bit to pulled the whole audience in and keep us there, to the very last note! Congratulations to GREG HOLDEN, ANDREW PEARSON, DREW PEARSON the songwriters!