Best Selling Author Lynn Barrington will energize your spirit;

Lynn Barrington will wake you up to your untapped potential. She will show you what you are doing build or hurt your own success. Plus, she knows what she is talking about. Lynn will make you laugh and at times bring a tear to your eye, because you will quickly figure out she cares about every single person in her audience. Because of her schedule, she is limited to speaking only ONCE a month. If you are interested, please email her at, or call 615-480-1580.

She would love to come to your event, church, or organization. She can tailor make her speech to coordinate with your specific theme. Below are a few examples of her topics.


Big Bold Songwriting

Best Selling Author Lynn Barrington has developed this series from decades of coaching and speaking to songwriters. This series is based on coaching the songwriter to include the entire audience. Most songwriters don’t even realize they are not including everyone in their audience, because they write from one aspect, one leaning. Lynn introduces the songwriter how to discover their leaning, and how to write in other leanings, so everyone who listens to their song are pulled into their song.
Lynn will teach you:

  • How to Include Your Entire Audience.
  • The Power of the Hook!
  • An Easy Way to Remember and Write in the Two Main Formulas!
  • Top Five Things to Do When Pitching Your Song!
  • The Hush Hush about the Songwriter/Publisher Split!

Daddies & Daughter

Daddiesand DaughtersBest Selling Author Lynn Barrington has spoken to Daddies and Daughters all over this nation. She shares her insights from speaking with daddies and daughters who have had good, bad, okay and great relationships. There is a tremendous impact the father-daughter relationship has on a woman. Many women pick their husbands based on what happened to them from this important relationship in their lives.

You will learn:

  • The Power of Loving Your Daddy!
  • How to Forgive the Unforgiveable and Stay Safe.
  • Resolving a Relationship that seems Irresolvable.
  • What You Can Do to Grow Your Relationship with Your Daddy!
  • About the Greatest Daddy of Them All!

Coaching for the Coachable

Best Selling Author Lynn Barrington declares a ceasefire on discontent and leads possibility of being truly content. That happens only if you allow yourself to be coachable, not just from a coach, but from yourself. In a world that is constantly changing, there is huge opportunity in your creative ventures, the workplace and family. She helps you to fully dive into your potential. She shows you how to rewrite some of the tapes in your head that keep sabotaging you.

Lynn’s Theory is:


  • If you listen to whispers that you will fail, you might do just that!
  • God never slams a door shut, without leaving a window open.
  • Change occurs, and it’s actually ok to profit from it.
  • When you fall or fail, get back up and keep going.
  • It’s always darkest before the light.
  • You can coach yourself to be happy and content with your writing, work and home!

The ONE Minute Blueprint

one-minute-managementMany speakers talk about your life’s goals and plans. Lynn has a different approach. Take just a minute to listen, learn, and share with yourself and others. If you want to succeed, you must be able to take a risk. She will show you how to:

  • Use one minute to become proactive rather than reactive.
  • Figure out what it is you need to learn, and then use one minute to write it down.
  • Take a minute to actually breathe.
  • Look outside your needs for a minute.
  • Live powerfully for one minute.

Prior Speaking Events


  • Nashville – Gospel Music Association (Over 15 and counting)
  • Estes Park – GMA Music in the Rockies (Over 15 and counting)
  • Los Angeles – Taxi Road Rally (Over 5 and counting)
  • Newport Beach – Big Bold Songwriting Seminars (Over 5 and counting)
  • Houston – Christian Artists of Houston Seminar (All 3 Years)
  • Radio – Multiple National, Regional, and Local Shows
  • TV – Multiple National, Regional, and Local Shows
  • Churches – Hundreds over the last 30 Years!

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