On Target to Develop Your Goals and Dreams Into Reality

Songwriters, Authors and Artists come to Lynn Barrington because they are NOT where they professionally or personally want to be. After 30 years of coaching, Lynn has the ability to very quickly assess where the problem areas are in the client’s development. The client comes to a point where they are pleased with what they have done, but they want more. They want more knowledge and exposure to their craft and they don’t know how to get it or what to do. The client just knows they want to be on a different level in the career.


Enter Lynn Barrington. Presently, there are three opportunities to coach.

The session is for the Songwriter, Author or Musical Artist that needs immediate coaching for something special or just to find out if the coaching process with Lynn provides the information, inspiration and encouragement they need to move to a new level for their career.

The 12 Week course is specifically tailored for the individual to remove the issues that are preventing the client from getting to the level they desire. For Songwriters, you and Lynn will work on the basic structures of song-crafting via 30 minute phone calls.  For Artists, we start with where the artist is presently and where they want to go in their career and create a plan that works! Songwriters, Authors and Artists all need a platform once they have gotten clear on their direction. If you haven’t started on your platform, Lynn has proven successful techniques that will get you on the right platform road.

This 12 week course is designed to remove any bad habits by making sure you understand what is expected from you as a Songwriter, Author or Artist from the decision makers (artists, managers, publishers, producers, and A&R). It is an exciting time of shifting your thinking and opening your career to new levels of success.

This is designed for a project type of opportunity for the client. So, rather than an hourly rate we decide together what the project needs, how I can help, and move forward from there. This could be a few hours or a year. In the music business, it’s all about making a plan and executing that plan to the fullest. Lynn has assisted many clients in accomplishing goals and dreams way beyond their expectations.

  • $499
  • 1 Sixty Minute Coaching
  • Via Telephone
  • To Get On Task!!

  • PHASE 1
  • $2497
  • 12 Thirty Minute Coachings
  • Via Telephone
  • Growing Weekly!

  • $TBD
  • Businesses Only
  • Telephone/On-Site
  • Turn Your Project Around!