You Can Do IT!

No Matter What!

I know you are probably not like this, but the first thing that comes into my mind when I am choosing to go outside of my comfort zone is: “How in the world can you actually do this, Lynn?” I wish the first thing was: “You can do this!” But, it is not.

You have a choice. Deciding to do what’s in your heart is sometimes, most times, super challenging. You can go through what it takes…or you can give in and stay in the same place.

Deciding you CAN do whatever your mind (and others) tells you that you CANNOT do is an act of discipline. I have to work on it daily…sometimes hourly…ok, by the minute! But, God says “we CAN do ALL things through Christ Jesus.” Either that is true…or it is not. Believe, my friends. You CAN do it…no matter what!

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Hard Work!

It takes hard work, for a long time, to achieve anything that is worth achieving in the entertainment industry. Many writers, actors, artists and songwriters want instant success, and they want it NOW! Some even try to buy their way to immediate success, thinking they can bypass the hard work. They quickly find out they still have to do the hard work. Even for the artists on shows like American Idol or The Voice, who get a quick boost, must build on that opportunity and keep working hard to have any chance of a career. No one escapes the grind. Are you willing to do the hard work, not just for a year or two, but for decades? If you are, you will end up being a success.

You may or may not know Mark Lowry. One of his major accomplishments is being co-writer of “Mary Did You Know?” It seems every Christmas at least one major pop, country or Christian artist chooses to sing this wonderful song on their Christmas cd. He is also a Dove award winning artist, songwriter, humorist and author.

Mark has worked hard from the very beginning. At times I know he wondered if he would survive the business to become truly successful. But, this week Mark Lowry was inducted into the Gospel Music Hall of Fame. In his business, that is real success. He did become an instant success, about forty years later.

What he didn’t say in the video above is that in the 43 dates in 41 days that Roy Morgan booked him; he had to stop at McDonald’s more times that he can remember. He had to sleep on pastor’s couches night after night, get up, and drive hundreds of miles to be funny for the next group. It was a big deal for Roy to even ask for Mark to have a hotel room. He was alone (no cell, internet, or iPads at the time) mile after mile, traveling in an okay car, going from church to church. He had to stretch every dollar to have enough money for gas. He had to really trust that he was on the right path when occasionally he would get a handshake and pat on the back from the pastor, instead of an envelope with his small fee.

It’s called a work ethic. He loves to make people laugh. Forty years later Mark views his life with its trials and tribulations as an opportunity for God to create joy and laughter for his listeners. Personally, I do believe in God’s timing, miracles, and His supernatural intervention that can create instant results. At the same time, I believe in 2 Thessalonians 3:10, where it says, “The one who is unwilling to work shall not eat.”  Both of those beliefs can combine to produce amazing results in life.

Mark Lowry’s award this week is an excellent example of what God can do when someone is willing to do the hard work every single day and still allow God to supernaturally intervene at the perfect times!

It’s a pleasure to be your friend, Mark. Congratulations on this tremendous accomplishment! (P.S. Thank you for the shout out!!)

You can check out his website at or his Facebook page.



The Cream Always Rises to the Top!

Michael Martin Murphey and me 3.24.15

I’ve said it before and I will say it again. The cream always rises to the top. Last night I had the sweetest time. My friends Chris and Jan Harris (aka Rodeo and Juliet) invited me to an intimate gathering with a surprise guest. It was none other than Michael Martin Murphey and his son. One of my fave songs of all time is “Whats Forever For”, and he just kills it. He is singing it Thursday night, March 26, 2015, “just for me”, at the Franklin Theater. There’s still tickets. Don’t miss it!

But, last night he sang “Wildfire”. The crowd just went wild and gave him a standing ovation. I cried (right there on the front row…the ugly cry too!) like a little bad baby when he sang that song. The writing and melody are so powerful that it takes  you to back to another day, another time. That’s what great writing does. If it is in a song, or in a book, the power of the word can transform the listener or reader’s mind. You go on a trip, and most of the time, leave others behind. So, when you are writing, remember it is worth the time it takes to position each word perfectly so that the cream will rise to the top. Great writing is moving, powerful and unforgettable.

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Hook ‘Em


The hook is the almost the most important thing in your song. There’s actually ONE THING that is more important, but it is related to the hook. I will be talking about that in my next webinar on Tuesdays starting January 20, 2015 at 7PM CST. I will be recording these seminars and they will be sent to your email. Join this seminar! If you want to truly have success with your songs, then you go to this link it’s discounted AND I give you some awesome free information! 3 Massive Mistakes Songwriters Make!

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Taxi Road Rally Convention!

blast What a Blast!

I was honored to speak on a panel, and presented two classes. I had so much fun!  I met some awesome people this year. Songwriters from all over the world come to the Taxi Road Rally 2014 to learn their craft. There was a tremendous amount of learning going on over this last weekend, I can tell you that. It is a wonderful thing to see people investing their time, energy, heart and effort in pursuing the craft. I will post some pictures tomorrow, when I get them from my photographers! Have a wonderful day.

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Taxi Road Rally 2014

LynnBarringtonPic (4x4SQUARED)Hey all, I am going to be in Los Angeles this weekend at the Taxi Road Rally 2014 convention.  If you are a taxi member be sure to get hold of me, come and sit in on one of my sessions.

We are going to have a great time at the Road Rally !  It’s an awesome venue with some very talented musicians, singers, songwriters and industry professionals providing advice on all things music and publishing.

I’m traveling today but will post some more over the course of the weekend, with some photos !

See you in class.


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The Cream ALWAYS Rise to the Top!


Garth is coming back, people! I love and admire him! He certainly changed the country music business in the 90’s. Then, at his peak, he checked out to be a daddy and a husband. The interesting thing was he would not allow his music go on iTunes or the like.

This week things changed. I love change!! Garth not only is doing a big tour, but he has actually agreed to do digital downloads. Brilliantly, his music will be downloaded only on his website. He still is not going to let iTunes have it! He’s played his strategy brilliantly because he knows what he has, and if you want it, you have to buy he the way he wants to sell his music. Almost all the rest of the artists, don’t have the clout or courage to do that. He knows his music is still the best and it just allows it to rise to the top.

Garth IS the is the best-selling artist in the USA since 1991, when Nielsen SoundScan began tracking music sales. He’s sold 69.6 million albums, topping The Beatles (68.5 million), Metallica (54.42 million), Mariah Carey (54.40 million) and Celine Dion (52.2 million).

So, if you want to learn something about being an artist, outsmarting the music business people who tell you can’t do this or that, study up on “old” Garth Brooks (as he calls himself). Listen to “Dance” again, have a cup of coffee..with some cream. Then, think about what YOU can do to rise to the top!

Welcome Worship Leaders!

imagesI am so excited about the launch of my Big Bold Songwriting Series. It’s late tonight and we have been working so hard on my website to make sure it’s ready for you. If you are interested in finding out the TOP 10 MISTAKES THAT SONGWRITERS MAKE, just look over to the right and sign up on my mailing list and you will receive it immediately.

I have some very exciting interviews, events and seminars coming to my website! I will be able to tell you all about them when you are on my list!

Have a great day…now I am going to sleep! Here we go………

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Win Your Own Gold!

thRecently, I really challenged myself. I am accustomed to coaching others to go outside their box and confront their limitations. So, I decided it was time as 2014 came on the scene to get with it! Immediately, I caught the type B flu. Life is funny. I was ready to take on my marathon and conquer, but I was in the bed blowing my nose. While I was laying there hacking like a 30 year smoker with no voice, I quietly determined that I was going to accomplish my goal. It was a test. I had to duel myself on whether or not I was way, way outside my abilities. Well, guess what? I wasn’t. You aren’t. I believe if I can accomplish this, then you can accomplish anything that is within your heart as well! That dream or goal is in your heart and mind for a reason. I am telling you, I feel like I have won my very own gold medal. The world doesn’t have to see it on tv, but I know that I have finished that race well! Go on. Go for your gold!

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Top Single of 2013 – “Home” by Phillip Phillips

thThis picture here reminds me of the home I grew up in Odessa, Texas. It was a nice simple middle class brick home built to withstand the West Texas winds.

I am so thrilled that this song has won the Billboard top single of 2013. It reminds of that home. I am not surprised this won, as the publisher has done an awesome job of not only promoting it as a single, but using it on a tremendous amount of commercials. For the first half of the year it was practically HGTV’s theme song! It just goes to show you as a songwriter that if you write good solid lyrics and music that marries to the lyrics, that pull the entire audience into your song, it’s applicable through all kinds of sources.

This song was written essentially in what I call Form B. (You can check that out on my videos series “Big Bold Songwriting” soon to be on this website.) There’s a bit of change in the formula, but these songwriters know how to write and can change a bit to pulled the whole audience in and keep us there, to the very last note! Congratulations to GREG HOLDEN, ANDREW PEARSON, DREW PEARSON the songwriters!

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