Lynn Barrington…

…has been in the entertainment business for 35 years this year. She began her career in the Nashville, TN, long before she became a Best Selling Author.

Starting in 1977, she started working at Paragon Music. Then in 1977, Ralph Carmichael hired Lynn as Director of Copyright Development for Light/Lexicon Music. She learned the about the craft of writing from artists and songwriters such as Andrae Crouch, The Winans, Reba Rambo and Donny McGuire to name a few. She worked closely with Michael W. Smith and Gary Chapman who were starting out as songwriters. Because she was the first woman in Contemporary Christian Music Publishing (in Nashville), she inadvertently opened the door for women in that industry.

In the country and Christian music genres she has worked with Amy Grant, Twila Paris, Sandi Patty,  Michael Tate to Loretta Lynn, Dolly Parton, Susan Ashton and most recently pitching songs to Bug Music Group, CMG, Warner Music and Integrity Music.

She began to speak at Christian Artists in the Rockies in 1979. That’s when artists and songwriters began to ask Lynn to coach them privately about songwriting, writing, and the entertainment business.

After moving to the Los Angeles area in 1983, and a few years in the acting industry, Lynn decided to take a friend’s offer to work at MGM as a consultant for the Vice-President of Business & Legal Affairs. During her years at MGM, she learned the intricacies of what it takes to sell and buy major movie catalogs. Working at MGM, changed her views on what it really takes to survive in the entertainment business over the long haul.

It was at MGM that her coaching took its first paradigm shift. Coaching became a way to help her clients attain their long term goals in the entertainment industry, rather than just short term projects such as cds. After working at MGM, she worked at MCA Music, Universal S number of other production companies until she went full time into coaching by the late eighties.

Lynn was coaching before there was any licensing for life coaching. In fact, she worked directly with Thomas Leonard in developing the curriculum for Coach University before Coach University was accredited. After coaching Thomas in early 1990 he did attain his goals for accrediting coaches. Then in 1994, Thomas sold Coach U to his partner. Coach U was the first company that created a license for coaching. Most of the coaching companies that license now all use the basics of the first curriculum she and Thomas created. During the 1990’s she was also working with a new company named Taxi Music Services, as A&R staff.

In 1997, Lynn was then presented the opportunity to co-author a book with Carmen Renee Berry (NY Times Best Selling author of Girlfriends). During the writing of the book, Lynn interviewed over 300 daddies and daughters. She discovered many women who had challenging relationships not only with their fathers, but within themselves regarding their future. It was an exciting time as Daddies and Daughters became a Best Selling book published by Simon & Schuster (Order on Get Info Page). After this experience, she began to incorporate life coaching in her coaching business.

The book was a stimulus that propelled a second major shift in her style of coaching. Lynn found that her clients not only desired the success of financial, business and songwriting and writing success, but her clients struggled to find balance within their lives while obtaining that success. That’s a big goal in the entertainment business. She found a way to help them in life coaching.

She left Los Angles in 1998 and moved to Dallas where she worked as Vice-President of NuStar. NuStar was an investment banking firm that pursued different financing opportunities in the entertainment industry to finance films. During that time, she slowed down her coaching. This position allowed her to use many of the skills and contact she developed while at MGM.

In 2004, she moved back to Nashville and continues to work within the country, Christian, and pop industry in the Nashville area while still serving as A&R Staff at Taxi Music Services in Los Angeles as a publisher. She continues to work with Carmen Berry on various ghostwriting projects as authors.

Presently, Lynn loves coaching her clients and creating products for them to use at home. Lynn Barrington’s style of coaching  works for an individual client, whether she is one-on-one coaching, video series, webinar or speaking.  Not only does she have the experience, Lynn has a gift for coaching. Her style is based on the individual’s way of experiencing life. It’s a challenge, but challenge should be Lynn Barrington’s middle name! Life is up for those who take on change and that is why she is all about BIG BOLD LIVING!