Michael Martin Murphey and me 3.24.15

I’ve said it before and I will say it again. The cream always rises to the top. Last night I had the sweetest time. My friends Chris and Jan Harris (aka Rodeo and Juliet) invited me to an intimate gathering with a surprise guest. It was none other than Michael Martin Murphey and his son. One of my fave songs of all time is “Whats Forever For”, and he just kills it. He is singing it Thursday night, March 26, 2015, “just for me”, at the Franklin Theater. There’s still tickets. Don’t miss it!

But, last night he sang “Wildfire”. The crowd just went wild and gave him a standing ovation. I cried (right there on the front row…the ugly cry too!) like a little bad baby when he sang that song. The writing and melody are so powerful that it takes  you to back to another day, another time. That’s what great writing does. If it is in a song, or in a book, the power of the word can transform the listener or reader’s mind. You go on a trip, and most of the time, leave others behind. So, when you are writing, remember it is worth the time it takes to position each word perfectly so that the cream will rise to the top. Great writing is moving, powerful and unforgettable.