Garth is coming back, people! I love and admire him! He certainly changed the country music business in the 90’s. Then, at his peak, he checked out to be a daddy and a husband. The interesting thing was he would not allow his music go on iTunes or the like.

This week things changed. I love change!! Garth not only is doing a big tour, but he has actually agreed to do digital downloads. Brilliantly, his music will be downloaded only on his website. He still is not going to let iTunes have it! He’s played his strategy brilliantly because he knows what he has, and if you want it, you have to buy he the way he wants to sell his music. Almost all the rest of the artists, don’t have the clout or courage to do that. He knows his music is still the best and it just allows it to rise to the top.

Garth IS the is the best-selling artist in the USA since 1991, when Nielsen SoundScan began tracking music sales. He’s sold 69.6 million albums, topping The Beatles (68.5 million), Metallica (54.42 million), Mariah Carey (54.40 million) and Celine Dion (52.2 million).

So, if you want to learn something about being an artist, outsmarting the music business people who tell you can’t do this or that, study up on “old” Garth Brooks (as he calls himself). Listen to “Dance” again, have a cup of coffee..with some cream. Then, think about what YOU can do to rise to the top!