thRecently, I really challenged myself. I am accustomed to coaching others to go outside their box and confront their limitations. So, I decided it was time as 2014 came on the scene to get with it! Immediately, I caught the type B flu. Life is funny. I was ready to take on my marathon and conquer, but I was in the bed blowing my nose. While I was laying there hacking like a 30 year smoker with no voice, I quietly determined that I was going to accomplish my goal. It was a test. I had to duel myself on whether or not I was way, way outside my abilities. Well, guess what? I wasn’t. You aren’t. I believe if I can accomplish this, then you can accomplish anything that is within your heart as well! That dream or goal is in your heart and mind for a reason. I am telling you, I feel like I have won my very own gold medal. The world doesn’t have to see it on tv, but I know that I have finished that race well! Go on. Go for your gold!