ChristimasEveryone is busy during the holidays. But, immediately after, especially that week between Christmas and New Year’s there’s a lull in activity. This is the perfect time to write about Christmas. There are many, many issues that show up for us with our loves, friends and family. Christmas songs are the best, because if you write one good one, it can be cut over and over. It’s a challenge to write Christmas songs in March, it’s easier right now because you are in the middle of all the activity. But, if you can stop for just an afternoon and think through this season and hope that you have found through life, it will pay off as you try to write that hit Christmas song.

The key in all great Christmas songs is hope and joy. I’m a traditionalist and so I always want to encourage people to remember the true reason for this season. Christmas is more than giving gifts, eating and going back to hang with the family. It’s about the Baby Jesus being born and what that means for the world.

I just saw a sign that was posted in NYC that said, “Keep the merry, and dump the myth.” That made me as sad as some people will actually consider that suggestion. The fact that Jesus was born has been established over and over, it’s not a myth. The fact that anyone would try to mar this beautiful season by that kind of cynicism is disappointing. The way the cynicism can be discouraged is by writing great songs that express the love of God for all mankind.

So, look around there are hooks for your Christmas song everywhere. Write them down or log them on your smart phone ap. Make a concerted effort to notice the little things about Christmas. Pay attention to the little looks of a child, the small ornaments, what kind of story could be behind the mother and daughter walking down the aisle at the department store who is dressed in matching sweaters. Try to make notes why that hook caught your attention during this season. A great trick is to create the hook and use the opposite meaning to come up with a strong twist.

It’s Christmas and New Year’s..take advantage songwriters, take advantage!! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all!

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