Bridge Building picIn the music business, every second, minute and hour in your head can be about building a bridge. For in the music business, it’s all about the relationships you make and maintain. It can be the life or death of your career.

A good example of bridge building working in a big way is Ryan Seacreast. His mentor was Dick Clark. Mr. Clark taught him to build on each job he landed. He taught him to be nice, “”Little things really do matter”. That leads to creating a team to have a long term future, which Seacrest has already started by his own production company producing the Kardashians, and other huge hit shows. Those who desire to be successful over many years learn early on that building relationship to relationship is the key. Ryan Seacreast is the new Dick Clark. Right now, he working on a new game show experience, entering into even another television category!

An example that is not working for the bridge building concept is Lindsay Lohan. Though a wonderful child actress, and into her early 20’s, she continues to destroy one relationship after another. The bridges she built through her solid behaviors in her early career and personal life continue to dwindle. In the midst of the constant drama in her personal and professional life, eventually the drama will fizzle out and she will be left with no one who believes in her enough to risk the financial investment it takes to run the course of a project. The she will have burnt one too many bridges in the end.

The fact of the matter is you never know who you will be sitting next to at any given time. I cannot tell you over the years the number of relationships that I have had for 10+ years (some 30+) that I have developed from meeting person on an airplane, at a café bar, at the post office, grocery store, gas station, etc. Just being nice, friendly, or listening builds a bridge to a relationship.

If you will notice, in this picture it shows one bridge connecting to another. That’s the way a song is. That’s the way the music business is. Actually, that’s the way life is. My friends, get to bridge building!