sissors papersSnip, snip, snip. Yeah, doesn’t that feel better? I can hear that 30 second introduction cut down to 15 seconds.  It’s a nice smooth, hooky introduction.

The longer the intro the weaker the song immediately gets, and the sleepier the listener get. You want your intro no longer than 12 to 15 seconds. I have listened to songs that have 30 second intros, and I’m just done by the time I get to the first line. Done, done, done.  I have also listened to minute and a half intros. This kind of activity in a song immediately qualifies you as a beginner and a person who has not invested in themselves as a songwriter or their craft to know better. The intro is there to give a moment for the songwriter to begin the feeling of the song. It’s also there to give the listener a chance to breathe and to be drawn into the song. However, if you go too long in the introduction it’s akin to meeting someone for the first time that just starts talking INCESENTLY. You are immediately turned off because you realize they really do not want to truly communicate with you, they want you to listen all about them.  Great songs are a mutual communication between the songwriter and the listener.

Craft your introduction as you would craft and introduction to someone you really want to meet and already respect.  It will work out perfectly. Remember, you are introducing your special “baby” that means so much to you to the new potential friend you have wanted to meet!