thWhat indie artists do not realize is they are sacrificing what the level of a powerful performance they pull out with someone else’s great song, in order to write their point of view and perform their own okay song. This will dumb down your ability to strongly connect with your audience. It’s better to kill a cover song, or a great song you didn’t write, than to sing your own okay song. It’s a tough lesson for the pride, but one to learn if you want to go far. Finding the great song is the bane of the artist’s existence. Don’t you think?

When have you ever heard an okay song with a great artist and wanted to listen to the song over and over? It has to be both. The artist has to have the authentic personality and ability to convey straight to the heart the message of a great song. When that happens, doesn’t it move you? A great performance with a great song can take you on a trip to the opportunity of a great love, or heartbreak or home to your Mom.

The Biggest, Boldest, Strongest song you can have on your cd  will create relationship with your fan. The bottom line is if you bond, they will buy.