connectionAs artists, don’t you constantly wonder why some make it and some don’t. For the successful artists, they have found out the answer. It’s a simple one. They have found the way to bond with their listeners.

  1. Audience must feel connected.

If the artist truly bonds with the listener, then the listener will buy whatever the artist is selling. It doesn’t matter what it is (as long as it doesn’t conflict with the listener’s moral code). The listeners will buy their cds, downloads, t-shirts, hats, perfume, etc. because the listener HAS the impulse to relate to their artist again and again. It would be nice if it was all about the artistry, but it’s about the bottom line of buying. That’s why it’s called music “business.”

You can look back to Billie Holiday, Frank Sinatra, Elvis, Joni Mitchell or the Beatles. All of these artists chose songs that reflected the heart of their personality to get into the heart of the listener. They sang great songs that their audience could not deny personally. Even to this day, they have a huge fan base.

This is exciting to think about isn’t it? The next TWO STEPS are coming up in the next TWO BLOGS!