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10 Episodes of the Principles of Big Bold Songwriting in 18 Modules.  Each module is no longer than 7 minutes.  With the purchase of this complete series you receive a free copy of The Top Ten Mistakes Songwriters Make.

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There are 18 videos at $9.99 which is almost $200 value.
If you buy the complete package, it is discounted to $149.

The complete songwriters series is made available in this downloadable package at a significant discount.  Each of the lesson programs can be downloaded, one at a time.

Lynn has many years experience developing successful songwriters.  We are confident you will find this lesson series extremely helpful whether you are intending to make a career out of songwriting, or would just like to improve your technique and productivity.  There is no better way to acquire these insights than to purchase the complete set at this significant discount.

I have been working with Lynn now for almost two years and I can tell you, what she has packed into this video series is worth every penny, and a whole lot more !

R.H. Los Angeles



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